(Our starters are perfect for sharing!)

Burrata with marinated datterini, mushrooms and celery     £5.5

Baked scamorza with truffle cream     £7

Fregola, diavola king prawns and shellfish sauce      £9

Arancini with pancetta, pistachio ricotta cream and basil reduction     £5

Beef tartare with boiled quails egg, parmesan mousse and salsa verde     £8.5

Williams pear, walnut and goat’s cheese salad     £5

Raviolone pasta filled with beef ragû in a tomato sauce     £6

Pan-fried scallops with butternut squash purée and crispy pancetta     £9 

 Beetroot carpaccio with smoked salmon and pistachio pesto £7

Courgette and calamari fritti     £5



 Pappardelle with duck ragû, parmesan and truffle oil     £12.5

Tonnarelli pasta with burrata and ‘nduja     £11.5

Paccheri served with tomato sauce, fried aubergine and ricotta     £9.5



Grilled sirloin with gorgonzola cream and triple cooked truffle potatoes     £19

Veal escalope served with mixed salad and datterini     £18

Pan-fried red mullet fillet with cauliflower, salmon roe and black cabbage    £16.5

Pan-fried cod with carrot purée, fennel and caramelised red onion    £17.5