Valerio Carioti - Head Chef

Valerio joined Plough Way Cafe as Head Chef in March 2018. Having a strong creative drive, Valerio soon set about changing the menu with innovative and fresh new dishes. 

Valerio has always pursued a career in food and completed his culinary diploma in Italy at just 18. His food inspiration comes from Southern Italy and his parents, especially his father, who taught him to show love and respect for quality ingredients and culinary tradition.

Valerio started his career in restaurants and 5 star hotels in Sicily where he worked his way up the grades to become a Sous Chef. In 2012 he decided to move to London and joined Al Duca as a Sous Chef and later on Bacco in Richmond as a Head Chef. Most recently he worked alongside his mentor Vincent as a Senior Sous Chef in the 5 star luxury ME London Hotel.

Valerio has a very high focus on quality and creativity whilst remaining true to the ethos of Plough Way Cafe of serving genuine Italian cuisine with only the best ingredients. He has put together a team of Italian chefs that help create and deliver the tasty food in Plough Way Cafe.